Using Photographs to Tell Your Story

It seems that no one keeps photo albums in printed form today, yet we all take copious numbers of pictures where ever we go....


HILLSONG – LET HOPE RISE releases on Friday, September 16th

The Bible says, "Let us no grow weary of doing good." in Galatians. Hillsong shows no signs of growing weary. That, for sure, is the...

Overcoming the Fear of Change

I have a friend who claims she hates change. She balks at the possibility of change and even at new opportunities, because they may...

Finding Quiet Times

Why me, why here, why now?


How to Write for Real People and Search Engines without Compromise

The days of writing for search engines only are over. Even so, you cannot totally disregard the search bots. When all else fails, forget about the bots and concentrate on pleasing your readers. However,...

Older People are Happier, Studies Show

I read somewhere recently that the happiest people are those over fifty. That’s good news because it means that if you’re in that group, your friends are probably a lot of...


Business Travel

15 Popular Items For Business Travel

15 THINGS EVERY SELF-RESPECTED BUSINESS TRAVELER SHOULD OWN Business travel smarts begin with this list of must-haves when it comes to making the trip easier. Every business travel needs to take care...

3 Most Important Considerations When Launching a Web Site.

You have to start somewhere. But what do you first when launching your web site? What are the most important questions to ask and answer? This hangout addresses those questions.